GSCOPE welcomes as participants all persons interested in the study of philosophy and education. Presenters must not hold a doctorate of any field. Attending the conference activates membership.

Advisory Board
GSCOPE is a student-managed organization. The advising body consists of all past coordinators of GSCOPE. Each year the host school receives responsibility for coordination. The advising body consists of former GSCOPE coordinators from Teachers College, McGill University, and Ohio State University. Their names are below.

David Backer (GSCOPE 2012 coordinator)
Douglas Yacek (GSCOPE 2014 coordinator and webmaster)
Nassim Noroozi (GSCOPE 2015 coordinator)
Shannon Robinson (GSCOPE 2017 coordinator)

If you would like to become a part of the organizing team, please send an email to: