The Graduate Student Conference on Philosophy and Education (GSCOPE) is an annual conference organized by graduate students in philosophy of education and related fields. The organizers and location of the conference change each year, enabling students to become acquainted with colleges of education and their faculty all across the US and Canada. GSCOPE aims to provide an interactive forum where emerging scholars can experiment with new methods and ideas, hone their professional and dialectical abilities, learn about new avenues of inquiry, and further develop their scholarly work. GSCOPE is always held in the Fall in order to provide attendees with an opportunity to test out their ideas before submitting to major Philosophy of Education conferences in the Spring. 

GSCOPE is always looking for volunteers to help organize the annual conference. If you are interested in joining the effort, GSCOPE can be reached at officer.gscope@gmail.com. More information about the upcoming conference, past conferences and our history can be found in the menu above.

GSCOPE Mission Statement

The mission of GSCOPE is multi-faceted. Each year, the GSCOPE conference seeks to create a vibrant educational space, where graduate students in philosophy of education and related fields can:
  1. Present, revise, critique, and collaborate on academic work at the graduate level,
  2. Forge cooperative relationships with peers,
  3. Interact with faculty in the field of philosophy, education, and other disciplines,
  4. Cultivate professional and presentation skills, and 
  5. Establish relationships with programs of education across the nation. 

Partner Organizations